Scientists mapped heat demand and analysed grid expansion in Velika Gorica

University of Zagreb FSB, has been interviewed for the regional news portal “Turopolje info” on their involvement in the PLANHEAT project as lead researchers for PLANHEAT city Velika Gorica and the Balkan region:

Scientists mapped the heat demand and cost-benefit of a heating grid expansion in Velika Gorica

A team of scientists from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, mapped the heating demand in Velika Gorica and the economic potential of expansion of the district heating system. The results showed that, unlike the current 28% (56,224 GWh), the expanded district heating system could supply the urban part of Velika Gorica with 59% (117, 242 GWh) of the required thermal energy (197,342 GWh). Such a project would require a significant upgrade of the existing system. However, there is an obstacle – Velika Gorica is already completely covered by a natural gas grid.


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