First Milestone Reached: City Mapping Module Completed!

The PLANHEAT team is proud to announce the first release of the City Mapping Module of the PLANHEAT tool. After the first mock-up had been validated during the stakeholder engagement workshop in Brussels in June 2017, the module has been successfully completed and a live demo was presented to the project partners in September 2017. It was well received by the validation cities Antwerp, Velika Gorica and Lecce.


This module is designed as a plug-in in the open-source GIS software QGIS. It enables to map the heating and cooling demand for your city via a top-down approach based on final energy consumption numbers and geospatial indicators. The user can also zoom in on a specific area of interest and retrieve statistical information on the heating and cooling demand of this region. In the following weeks, new algorithms will be incorporated, allowing to map the potential supply from solar, geothermal, biomass, waste energy sources and industrial activities.


Screenshot of mapping module showing Antwerp (click on the image for an extended view)


More information on heat mapping is available on the e-learning platform!