Eligible cities

To meet the EU’s 20:20:20 goals, the heating and cooling sector has to be decarbonised. Growing urbanisation means that cities and densely populated regions are in the driver’s seat to make the energy transition happen.

PLANHEAT is open to all cities that are committed to decarbonise their city’s heating and cooling system. We have specialized tutors for the following EU regions: Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Balkans and Belgium. But also beyond these regions, all cities are welcome.

PLANHEAT cities:

  • Are committed to decarbonise their heating & cooling system
  • Want to actively contribute and share knowledge with other cities
  • Intend to follow all trainings and e-learning modules


How to join

To become a PLANHEAT city member, please follow these steps:

After completing these steps, a PLANHEAT team member will get in touch with you. You will be added to this section on the website and can get even more visibility by sharing articles and stories with us that can be published.

For any questions, please contact the PLANHEAT team via info@planheat.eu.


Why you should join

Taking the first step to an efficient and renewable heating and cooling system has never been easier! With PLANHEAT you can look at different scenarios: plan a new district heating network, expand and retrofit an old one, looking into integrating more renewables into your heating system has never been easier!

With the PLANHEAT tool you can do this for free. No need for in-depth data since the tool will already have general national and regional energy data integrated (if available). Our tutors will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Free and dedicated trainings and workshops for each target region
  • Webinars throughout the whole project
  • Events at local and EU-level
  • Guidelines and How-To-Tutorials for an easy start
  • An active forum to share expertise and experiences
  • Get visibility on our website and among the PLANHEAT cities network
  • In-depth involvement of all PLANHEAT cities: shape and improve the tool