PLANHEAT aims to improve local authorities’ capacity to tackle decarbonising their heating and cooling systems.

In order to do so, specific training sessions dedicated to the involved cities and regions will be set up to support them. We offer the following training courses:

  • Training module 1: input data needed for mapping and planning new heating and cooling scenarios
  • Training module 2: how to map demand and supply using the PLANHEAT mapping module
  • Training module 3: how to generate and simulate sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling using the PLANHEAT planning and simulation modules
  • Training module 4: how to use the PLANHEAT integrated tool for the mapping and planning of sustainable heating and cooling


Training schedule

Second round of Module 1 trainings: 

If you represent a city in the Balkans, join us on 10 April at 10:30 am CET

If you represent a city in Southern Europe, join us on 11 April at 10:30 am CET

If you represent a city in Eastern Europe, join us on 17 April at 10:30 am CET (postponed – new training session to be announced shortly)

If you represent a city in Northern Europe, join us on 19 June at 10:30 – 12:00 CET


To participate, log in at the e-learning platform and follow the instructions! 


Module 1 trainings have taken place in September 2017. The recorded webinars and training materials are accessible via the e-learning platform.

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