Training Event for the City of Athens

A training event dedicated for the City of Athens was carried out in February. The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) in cooperation with the Resilience and Sustainability Office (ORS) of the City of Athens organised the PLANHEAT training event in Athens City Hall on the 27th of February 2019. The project consortium presented the PLANHEAT project and offered a training session of the PLANHEAT tool to the municipal staff. The city of Athens, as part of its 2030 Resilience Strategy, aims to increase the use of renewable energy sources by 20% and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. The Resilience and Sustainability Office with the support of NOA, has tested PLANHEAT’s City and District Mapping Modules for mapping the final energy demand for residential space heating and residential space cooling and presented the results to the meeting.


CMM  (top) and DMM (bottom) results for Athens


The City participants, including members of the Climate Change Working Groups and relevant Directorates of the Municipality (Urban Planning and Environment, Buildings Infrastructure, Urban Nature, Strategic Planning, Resilience and Innovation, Waste Management), were introduced to the three modules of the PLANHEAT tool and shared experiences with representatives from the three validation cities, identifying strengths and potentials of the tool.


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