Italian PLANHEAT H&C Transition Workshop and Live Training Event in Lecce

On 21-22 March 2019, RINA Consulting and the Municipality of Lecce organized a two day event  in Lecce aiming to promote the project at local level, promote decarbonisation of H&C among Italian municipalities and local technicians also thanks to specific H&C planning activities promoted via the PLANHEAT tool. Representatives of more than 30 Italian public authorities attended the meeting having the opportunity to empower their knowledge about low carbon H&C solutions.

Thanks to the support of Mr Davide Cassanmagnago from the Covenant of Mayor and of Mr Alessandro Federici from ENEA (Italian Sustainable Energy National Directive development and monitoring partner), the goal of DAY1 has been to understand how much Sustainable Energy Action Plans are currently implemented in Italy and how much they linked to Italian Energy Strategy particularly for what it concerns H&C decarbonisation objectives.

Implementation of renewable thermal at building level in Italian cities and reduction of H&C consumption via a renovation of H&C stock is something that has still a huge potential also considering the effectiveness of Italian policy and subsidies framework (CONTO TERMICO).

The transition to low carbon H&C in Italy could be assisted by PLANHEAT tool in order also to make effective and concrete plans and objectives that public authorities are currently presenting in their SEAPs. This approach has been also highlighted by the experience of the Municipality of Lecce which presented validation activities performed so far within the PLANHEAT project framework.

A questionnaire has been collected among event attendees to understand what is the current status of application of SEAPs in their municipalities, if H&C decarbonisation objectives are there present and what is their familiarity with energy planning techniques/tools also for what it concerns local data availability.

In DAY2 a live training sessions for municipality and private technicians and energy planners has been conducted presenting training module 1-2-3 and highlighting the potentialities and the capabilities of PLANHEAT tool also presenting real examples realized by the Municipality of Lecce


We would like to thank our speakers, audience and moderators for contributing to a lively and optimistic discussion!


If you’re interested in following up with PLANHEAT project, receive support from our team, use our prototypes and get updated about project activities dedicated to Italian municipalities, please contact Italian PLANHEAT contact point directly at .