The PLANHEAT tool is the “heart” of the PLANHEAT project. It will help your city to simulate its way to decarbonising its heating and cooling system by showing you economically feasible scenarios.


The tool is a platform that will allow the interconnections among three open source, easy-to-use IT modules – the mapping module, the planning module, the simulation module – and a KPI panel. The platform will allow the visualisation and mapping of results, the visualisation of the scenarios selected with the planning tool, and the visualisation of results coming from the numerical simulations.


The PLANHEAT tool will support local authorities in:

  • Mapping – planning – simulating the local energy demand and supply
  • Showing possible future scenarios
  • Understanding and comparing these new scenarios
  • Identifying potentials for the existing network
  • Telling you the energetic, economic and environmental gains!


The PLANHEAT tool is:

    • Easy-to-use
    • Open-source
    • Free



Learn more on the mapping, planning and simulating modules and the KPI panel.